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What's new with Arcor?

For additional information regarding any news item or press release please contact:

Arcor Information Systems Corporation
9397 Newport Lane
Littleton, Colorado 80127



Arcor News and Appointments:

·  [9/17/2011] Arcor releases plans to change its name to StaffOptions.  The Website will be updated in November 2011 to reflect the new StaffOptions business initative.

·  [10/1/2007] Arcor appoints Jay Johnson as Vice President of Business Development.

·  [9/17/2007] Arcor partners with "Business Partners Inc." to enable Arcor to entend it's service offering to include Business Consulting Services with a focus in Human Resource Staffing and Management.

·  [9/17/2007] Arcor helps Key Bank implement a new Lease Management application for Europe.

·  [3/27/2006] Arcor extends business model offer Resource staffing. This includes Human Resource recruitment for permanent staffing and Staff Augmentation on a temporary, contract basis.

·  [10/27/2004] Arcor initiates a new marketing campaign in the Denver Metro Area as a leading Oracle Centric consulting company. Arcor has been providing Oracle Consulting Services since 1994 in the US and Europe. Arcor has made a significant financial commitment to advertising and marketing of Oracle Consulting Services. We will also begin staffing several key positions in management, to help ensure our success. Our strategy provides online tools and information assets to help ensure the success of our consultants and partners. These mechanisms enable us to capture and share the continuing experience of each and every project. Our value proposition is simple, proven solutions, at the lowest price in Denver. And as always, we deliver or it’s free.

·  [9/22/2003] Arcor’s domain “” is launched as an eCommerce portal, servicing consumers in the Marine Industry. is being managed and operated by Crowley Marine, based in Denver Colorado. The results of this initiative will determine the direction which Arcor shall define it’s position in the Consumer Segment of the Marine Industry.

·  [9/15/2003] Arcor helps Experian to implement Oracle Financials seven (4) months ahead of schedule. Arcor’s Managing Consultant ‘Brian Crowley’ was able to reduce the project schedule by for months. However, with the creative leadership of several managers from Experian’s office in the UK, we were able to trim another 4 months from the project schedule. This was accomplished by scheduling the implementation of the AR module as a second phase, and by performing the Systems Test activities in parallel in the development environment. A risky option, but it resulted in an overwhelming successful project saving Experian an estimated $550K.

·  [6/23/2003] Arcor requires the RAINBOAT.COM domain after losing it to a company in Austria. We expect to use the RAINBOAT.COM domain to launch a new ASP initiative in the Marina Management.

·  [2/20/2003] Arcor selected by Experian to get Oracle Financials Implementation Project back on track. Arcor’s Managing Consultant ‘Brian Crowley’ has been assigned to Experian’s Corporate Head Quarters to assist executive management to get the Oracle Financials implementation back on track. The current project schedule estimates a completion of April 2004. Experian executive Staff wants the project to complete by December 2004. Looks like Brian’s going to have quite a challenge ahead.

·  [4/1/2002] Arcor rolls out ASP Venture for the Health and Fitness Industry... Arcor has a web enabled club management system that can be accessed and managed by the individual health club owner anywhere. Arcor provides the added benefit of handling the payment processing and collection services

·  [7/23/2001] Rainboat changes business model... Arcor announced today that it will be adding E-commerce features into it's portal for the Marine and Boating industry. In our efforts to remain competitive in our business, we must change out strategy from a purely informational resource to a profitable business venture. We will be establishing new relationships with national vendors and manufacturers to sell marine and fishing related products. Our strategy is an old one, work hard to purchase at the lowest possible price, enabling us to sell at the best possible price. We've been in the Marine Retail industry since 1971. We are going to extend traditional retail business model to the Internet while maintaining the personal attention and quality consumers expect from a small family business. Brian Crowley, President of Arcor said 'I think the consumers of marine related good are really going to be in for a big surprise. The current state of the economy has cause a substantial backlog of inventory with both manufacturers and suppliers. We are going to capitalize on this opportunity and begin acquisition of prime inventory items at a large discount, and we'll pass those savings onto the consumer. ' The new is schedule for limited deployment in September, with full deployment expected in November. will still be a great place for information on boating and fishing, but enabling the portal to make money will allow us to improve the depth and quality of the information and it's related features. We'll see you on the water…….

·  [5/1/2001] Arcor establishes new Storage Solutions division... Arcor announced today that it has started a new divison which specializes in advanced storage solutions. Scott Gill, our VP of technology will manage the new division. He has seven years of storage experience including SANS, NAS, Veritas and EMC. In addition, he brings to Arcor many valuable industry relationships including SNIA, Brocade, Gadzoox, EMC and many other vendors. Mr. Gills experience combined with the company's rich Oracle expertise enables Arcor to offer advanced storage solutions including SANs and storage related application areas such as clustering, file sharing, server and storage consolidation, and customized backup and recovery solutions for Oracle.


·  [2/22/2001] Arcor receives additional financing approval from Key Bank.... "This relationship with Key Bank enables us to increase our IT staff."

·  [1/1/2001] Arcor opens new corporate offices... Arcor began the new year in our new corporate headquaters in Littleton, Colorado. We moved into the new 17000 Square Foot facility at 8100 Shaffer Parkway in December but spent the past two weeks installing the network infrastructure and getting the office in order. This new faclitity enable us to increase our staff in support of our internet ventures,, and our new outsourcing services.


·  [11/11/2000] Arcor announces partner program... will begin an aggressive campaign in November to sign-up dealers as affiliate partners. Why We are the Dealers "Internet Consultant". We've discovered there is a lot of confusion in the marine industry as to which portals and other DOTCOMS to engage. So we've are attempting to alleviate some of the confusion. Register with us, and we'll register you with every major portal and relevant resource on the internet. We'll even register our partners with our competition to ensure maximum exposure for our dealer partners. We'll even post our dealer partner used boats listed in our classifieds with other portals and online classifieds. We'll even provide free hosting of their WEB Sites

·  [11/9/2000] Arcor retains legal firm of Harding, Shultz & Downs. We have hired the legal services of this law firm for several reasons, including 1)facilitation of corporate acquisitions. 2) Preparation of business documents for institutional investors. 3) Create employee stock option plan.

·  [11/1/2000] Arcor releases Mission Statement... "Our mission is to ensure that the marine dealers are an Integral part of the immerging Internet economy and to ensure that the consumer experience in the purchase process and ownership of a watercraft is enjoyable and without stress." Arcor's president, Brian Crowley said "Helping the dealers has always been our focus! We'll soon be announcing our initiatives which clearly displays our commitment to the dealers"

·  [8/8/2000] Arcor announces rollout of beta program in Colorado... This beta test of will be conducted in Colorado until December 31, 2000. During this time the portal will be continuously enhanced and modified. This is an opportunity for the Colorado marine industry to participate in determining the features and mission of Our success of rainboat highly depends on the participation and support of the retail community. We believe that it's the marine dealers who are the agent for the consumer. They are the ones who can ensure the satisfaction of the customer. With the support of the Colorado marine industry we will introduce an e-commerce strategy which will respect existing territories and create new ones where ones don't yet exist. And we will show Colorado Marine retail community new ways to increase profitability the exploitation of new and existing markets. "With their support we can ensure that small business has a place in this changing economy brought about by the Internet. "

·  [7/3/2000] Arcor adds System Administrator to it's staff... Brian Kimbrell has been hired as our System Administrator. Brian is a new graduate and a great asset to our team. Brian also assists us with our professional services group as a consultant.

·  [7/17/2000] Doug Glassman promoted to VP of Rainboat Development... Doug is a tremendous asset to our team. He is responsible for the rapid development of the RAINBOAT model. Doug will continue to focus on RAINBOAT.COM as well as our other Marine Industry ASP initiatives.

·  [7/1/2000] Arcor enters into partnership with Quest software... Our new relationship with Quest Software enables us to increase the quality of our Oracle and systems administration services. These state of the art tools enables us to provide the highest quality offsite and onsite system support services. Arcor intents to enhance it's relationship to enable us to resell Quest products to our clients.

·  [4/2/2000] Arcor enters into partnership with Decision Point Applications Arcor has signed a contract with DPA to provide consulting and implementation service of it's data warehouse products for Oracle applications.

·  [4/1/2000] Vice President of Technology appointed... Scott Gill has been appointed to the position of VP of Technology. Mr. Gill brings the Arcor team a vest amount of experience in the architecture of e-commerce systems, including mass storage network devices.

·  [2/27/2000] Arcor chooses RAINBOAT for it's boating and marine industry portal...

·  [2/22/2000] Director of Development for Marine portal appointed.... Doug Glassman has been appointed as director of development for the marine industry portal. Doug brings the Arcor team a strong history of e-business development and architecture from the telecommunications industry. He's designed and implemented large scale e-commerce solutions for Quest communications and it's clients.

·  [2/1/2000] Arcor receives financing approval from Wells Fargo.... "This relationship with Wells Fargo enables us to increase our IT staff."

·  [10/15/1999] Arcor announces corporate initiative to develop a vertical portal for the marine industry. "This is the first of several planned ventures for IT solutions for the marine industry." Future initiatives include online financial services for marine businesses as well as consumers.

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