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E-Business Ventures
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Business today requires its own Information Technology implementation and measurements to respond quickly to the ever changing needs of the business.

Executives search for ‘trusted’ advisors to work closely with the CIO and IT team to provide objective insights and competent experience and knowledge in ‘best practices.’

Arcor's Consulting services provide your business with experience in Strategic Information Systems Planning and Implementation, while continuing to offer the human resource placement of the most capable staff, in ‘best practice’ to build competitive advantage and improve the strategic outcomes executive management expects.

Our Consulting Service takes a business approach transparently overlaying consulting with the core competency of recruiting contract and permanent staff due to the early involvement in planning and profiling the levels of technical (Oracle Apps, Solutions etc) experts needed. ArcorSystems has utilized leading hiring and testing tools to reduce errors in hiring and judgment even of the shortest of contracts for each client.

Arcor wants to understand the business goals. Our successful IT Staffing business, positions us uniquely amongst others in the IT Staffing industry, and leverages our reputation for business ‘best practice’ and ‘thought leadership’ of the industry.

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