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Oracle Corporation
Oracle Corporation (NASDAQ: ORCL), with headquarters in Redwood Shores, California, is the world's second largest software company and the leading supplier of software for enterprise information management. With annual revenues exceeding $8.0 billion, the company offers its database, tools and applications products, along with related consulting, education, and support services, in more than 145 countries around the world.

Oracle Corporation is the first software 500 company to implement the Internet computing model for developing and deploying U S A enterprise software across its entire product line: databases and relational servers, application development and decision support tools, and enterprise business applications. Oracle is the only company capable of implementing end-to-end enterprise IT infrastructure and applications solutions on a global scale.

Decision Point Applications
DecisionPoint Applications, Inc. designs packaged, pre-integrated data warehouse solutions. The DecisionPoint family of solutions is a revolution in decision support: a packaged solution that is pre-integrated with Oracle Applications, PeopleSoft and SAP systems. DecisionPoint automatically extracts and loads all detailed data sets into predefined, query-ready analytical domains (star schema) in the data warehouse, accessible via DecisionPoint® Analyst™ and other market-leading desktop tools.

We’re excited about our partnership with Decision Point Applications. For the first time we are able to offer our customers a data warehouse solution, implemented in eight weeks, or less at a fixed price. Something our competition just can’t do, period!

Quest Software
Quest Software delivers information and application availability solutions that enable performance and reliability of e-business, packaged and custom applications.

Their application availability solutions enable efficient, reliable application development and deployment; online backup and load balancing; and proactive monitoring, diagnostics, and resolution of database performance issues before affecting the end user. In turn, their information availability strategy makes the information captured in these applications readily available to the users who need it anytime, anywhere.

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Watson Sites
Watson Sites is a Denver-based, web design company founded by Steve Watson, an award-winning professional and veteran of the graphics industry. You might never have met Steve, but you might very well have seen his work on the internet and other mediums. Prominent advertising agencies and studios have relied upon his creative talent and expertise to deliver their projects since the beginning of the 90s.

Unlike most web designers who've wandered onto the internet from the static world of print graphics, Watson Sites brings a wealth of experience in animation, video, photography, sound production and multimedia to the table.

Our partnership with Watson Sites brings an award-winning WEB designer to our Arcor team, ensuring our customers may take full advantage of every form of media the web can deliver.

Wagner Database Solutions
Wagner Database Solutions provides Oracle WEB Application Server expertise for the deployment of large scale intranet / internet applications.

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Rocky Mountain Oracle Users Group (RMOUG)
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The Rocky Mountain Oracle Users Group (RMOUG) was established in 1984 with just a few members. Meetings were held twice-a-year to share ideas and information about Oracle. Today, RMOUG is one of the largest Oracle user groups in the world with over 1,400 members. RMOUG offers general membership meetings, a professional newsletter, an annual training event, and an information-packed World Wide Web site. Members include professional analysts, project managers, database administrators, developers, and designers who work with Oracle products to produce high-quality business solutions. RMOUG is an alliance partner with the International Oracle Users Group - Arnericas. RMOUG is a not-for-profit organization incorporated in Colorado.

Internet Chambers Of Commerce (ICC)
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The Internet Chamber of Commerce is a nonprofit, volunteer-based professional organization, which helps the business, government and academic community maximize the opportunities of Internet technology through education, information resources and networking.

Storage Network Industry Association (SNIA)
The SNIA was incorporated in December 1997 and is a registered 501-C6 non-profit trade association. Our members are dedicated to ensuring that storage networks become complete and trusted solutions across the IT community. The SNIA works towards this goal by forming and sponsoring technical work groups, by producing (with our strategic partner Computerworld) the Storage Networking World Conference series, by building and maintaining a vendor neutral Technology Center in Colorado Springs, and by promoting activities that expand the breadth and quality of the storage networking market. The SNIA’s ability to accomplish its goals is directly attributed to the dedication and hard work of hundreds of volunteers from our member companies. The SNIA is setting the pace for our industry. .

Colorado Oracle Applications Users Group (COAUG)
The Colorado Oracle Applications Users Group (COAUG) is a group of financial, accounting, and information systems professionals dedicated to increasing knowledge and understanding of Oracle Application

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